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Prayer List

9/27/2020 - 10/1/2020 - Prayer List

Abortion Heartbeat Laws Upheld   Kurt Bacon 5/19
Allison, Brad Colon Cancer - surgery Oct 4th Geraldine Pippin
Bacon, Martha Parkinsons Kurt Bacon 5/19
Baesler, Bobbie Medical - Broken Hip and Wrist Kurt Bacon 9/20
Barker, Wendell Medical - Heart Issues Steve White 9/20
Bell, Donald & Charlotte Medical Kurt Bacon 9/19
Benson, Susan Medical Church 6/19
Blythe Family Death Sharon Zellner 8/20
Boyles, Margie Back Problems - possible surgery Carl Forrest 9/20
Brannen, Matthew General Kurt Bacon 8/20
Brigman, Chuck Digestive Trouble Annette Bacon 8/20
Brother Christopher and Family (from Zambia) Son has Covid Kurt Bacon 9/20
Bunn, Wyatt and Family Unspoken Request Annette Bacon 9/20
Burrows, Rick Medical-Needs kidney transplant Steve White 7/16
Cantrell, Leslie Cancer Sherry Farr 11/19
Catchings, Ryan Medical-Needs kidney transplant Sharon White 9/17
Childres, Stan Medical Kurt Bacon 8/20
Childress, David Medical Steve White 9/20
Conley, Benny Medical-Cancer Sherry Farr 9/19
Conley, Blake General-Ministry Harry Park 3/18
Copeland, Sandra Medical Michael Farr 3/20
Coronavirus General Kurt Bacon 3/20
Davidson, Ray Cancer Jackie Pippin 11/18
Dorazio, Tamela Family of Death Annette Bacon 9/20
Edenfield, Paige Cancer Vickie Childres 1/20
Elliott, Helen Covid-19 Valarie Elliott 9/20
Farr, Jerry Medical Church 5/17
Forrest, Dave Medical Church 8/20
Fowler, Fairy Medical Church 8/19
Franklin, Jan Cancer Sharon Zellner 8/20
Georgia Health Dept-all Nurses, Doctors & Co-workers on the Front Line  
Haddock, Benson Medical Church 9/19
Holtzclaw, Mike Medical Sharon White 2/20
Hosley, Sonja (sister) Covid - in the rehab Sherry Farr 8/20
Jackson, Deborah Medical Church 7/19
Jones, Tyler Deployment Sherry Farr 1/20
Julio, Ana Citizenship Application Ana Julio 8/20
Kent, Josie Grace Medical Church 7/19
Lee Family Death Sherry Farr 8/20
Logan, Brian General Kurt Bacon 2/19
Lutz, Lic. Tom Medical - Pancreatic Cancer Kurt Bacon 9/20
Marie, Tina Stem Cell Treatment Kurt Bacon 8/20
Martin, Linda Family of Death Kurt Bacon 12/19
McBride, Wendy Medical Annette 3/20
McCarty, Martha Ann & Husband Medical Sherry Farr 8/20
McCoy, Kathy & Family Grief Church 8/20
McCoy, Mark Covid-19 Kurt Bacon 9/20
McCurdy, Pam Cancer Dimple Forrest 10/14
Miller, Terry Family of Death Steve White 9/20
Morgan, Elder Billy Hospice Kurt Bacon 2/18
Moye, Floyd & Twila Medical Church 9/19
Natural Disaster/Terror Victims General Church 8/17
Nix, Kay & Jim Medical Annette Bacon 1/20
Nix, Ralph Cancer Harry Park 10/19
Ogle, Josh & Jessica Deployment-Josh Kurt Bacon 1/20
O'Neal, Lanie Medical Steve White 9/20
Our Nation & 2020 Elections, Restoration and Patriotism Kurt Bacon 1/20
Park, Harry Back Problems - Upcoming MRI Church 8/20
Parker, Kay Medical - ALS Sharon White 9/20
Pastor Enoch's daughter in law (Haiti) Cancer Kurt Bacon 5/19
Patrick, Joe Medical Sherry Farr 9/20
Patterson, Chuck Tractor Accident Church 8/20
People of Haiti General Church 10/16
People of Ukraine General Sherry Farr 10/14
Peters, Jan Family of Death Valarie Elliott 9/20
Philippines Prim. Bapt. Churches General / Earthquake Kurt Bacon 8/20
Piper, Paul & Nedra Medical Kurt Bacon 5/18
Pippin, Geraldine Medical - Following up with neurologist Sauney Pippin 8/20
Pippin, Horace Broken Arm Church 9/20
Poston, Diane Medical Sharon Britt 11/19
Prayer for Conversions    
Presley, Brooke Medical - Dysautonomia Valerie Presley 9/20
Pridgedon, Eddie Broken Ankle - Surgery Valerie Presley 9/20
Public Servants & Local Law Enf. General Church 3/18
Purser, First Lieutenant David Military Service Church 7/18
Purser, Steven Broken Foot Church 8/20
Sanders, Madeline Two brain tumors Heather Smith 1/20
Sanders, Vern and Joy Parents of Madeline Heather Smith 1/20
Schaffer, Heather Medical Edith Adams 3/18
Schneider, Heather Sobriety, Job, Car Annette Bacon 8/20
Schneider, Taylor Police office involved in shooting Heather Schneider 9/20
Schools Teachers and Students Church 8/19
Shaw, Nicole Medical - ALS Stephanie McMillan 9/20
Simms, Katharine Medical Church 5/19
Smith, Blaze Heart Condition Susan Etheridge 8/17
Smith, Steven Medical Susan Etheridge 2/20
Stegall, Matthew Serving in US Navy/engaged Church 11/18
Storm Victims & Families of   Kurt Bacon 9/19
Struggling Marriages   Kurt Bacon 3/19
Sye, Florence & Elder Parker Medical Edith Adams  2/17
Tessmer, Lynn Medical-Heart Issues Church 8/19
Thompson, Conyers Medical-Lymphoma Jan Moye 5/18
Trevitt, Carmen Medical - Lyme Disease Church 8/20
Webb, Elder Ronnie Webb Acute Myloid Leukemia Kurt Bacon 8/20
Welch, Kathryn Medical Church 11/16
White, Janice Possible Stroke Annette Bacon 9/20
Wiggins, Bob Medical Church 10/14
Wiggins, Todd General - New Ministry Kurt Bacon 8/20
Wilmot, Lillie Medical Jackie Pippin 7/19
Woodard, Jim Cancer Steve White 9/18